If you are a landlord and need a tenant evicted an attorney may be able to help you.  As a landlord, it’s more than frustrating when tenants don’t pay their rent. It’s also frustrating when they don’t maintain the property in accordance with your agreement. When a tenant is breaking the lease an attorney can help make sure the eviction is done right.

If you are a tenant and you believe you are being evicted illegally an attorney may be able to help you. As a tenant, it can seem devastating when a landlord gives you notice to vacate. In Arizona there are some protections that are available to contest an eviction. An attorney can help you see if there is any relief.

A tenant also has rights in terms of the movable property they leave behind should the eviction process indeed culminate in their relocation. A landlord must hold on to the movable property for 21 days before discarding it, and certain items must be made immediately available such as clothing and tools of their trade.

Evictions are a process with rules that must be followed.  Working with an Arizona eviction lawyer can help you know the law is applied appropriately and rights are protected. Attorney Hunter T. Lewis has handled many eviction cases and can help you with yours.