Arizona prosecutors are tough on drug crimes but an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you fight your drug charges.

Possession of dangerous drugs, like meth, are class 4 felonies.  It carries a presumptive term of 2.5 years in prison and large fines.  Possession of narcotics, like cocaine or heroin, are also class 4 felonies.  If you have previous convictions, you could face up to fifteen (15) years in prison.

Arizona is less strict with marijuana having a medical marijuana program and now will allow for recreational use.  These laws only cover you so far, however. You still can be charged if you have large quantities of marijuana or if you have marijuana in oil form.

Each drug has threshold amounts that Arizona considers indicative of the intent to sell.  Being caught with large quantities will expose you to sell charges even if you didn’t intend to sell them. The charge of intent to sell moves the charges up to a class 2 felony which carry much stiffer penalties.

There are some potential defenses that can be used in your favor, such as lack of knowledge or lack of actual possession.  Also, you can fight the charges if the drugs were found in an illegal search.

A qualified lawyer will see if any such defenses can be leveraged in your favor. In addition, an experienced attorney will help you explore other options to defend your case or reduce your sentencing.